The patient-specific system for corrective osteotomies

We are pleased to introduce you MyOsteotomy developed by Balgrist CARD AG, a system for performing computer assisted corrective osteotomies. With MyOsteotomy you can offer your patient a surgical treatment for very complex bone malunions of the upper and lower extremitiy. The innovative combination of 3D preoperative planning and custom-made drilling, cutting and reduction guides permit an exact preoperative assessment and a highly accurate and controlled surgical procedure. The MyOsteotomy system is available for extra- and intra-articular corrective osteotomies of the upper (finger, carpal bones, radius, ulna, humerus, and clavicle) and lower (pelvis, femur, tibia, fibula, and tarsal bones) extremity. Moreover, MyOsteotomy can be applied for the surgical reconstruction of non-united bones and for performing complex tumor resections. Example cases and additional information can be found on the MyOsteotomy homepage.

Example Case Example Case Example Case
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If you opt for MyOsteomy, you will benefit from the long-standing expertise of Balgrist CARD AG in performing computer assisted corrective osteotomies. The 3D preoperative plan and patient-specific instruments are designed jointly by a CARD surgeon and a CARD engineer. If desired, the treating surgeon can be involved in the creation of the surgical plan. Each case is verified by an experienced orthopedic surgeon, ensuring a clinically feasible and optimal solution.

A MyOsteotomy case can be requested now as a CE-certified medical product via our partner Medacta SA by sending us an email inquiry.

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